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No more dead air.

Best-in-class internet radio monitoring and silence detection. Keep your streams online, and your listeners locked-in.


The radio operator's toolkit

Functionality for every radio. From the hole in the wall independent station, to the nationwide broadcaster.


Out-of-the-box compatibility

Integrate with Airtime Pro, Radio.co, Icecast and many more providers in minutes

Calendar feature

Custom alerting

Only operate 2 days a week? No worries. Configure your stream to only be monitored when you're on air

Your stream is down·15m ago

Nomad Radio is unresponsive


Get immediately notified via Email, Discord or Slack when your stream encounters issues

Get started for free. No credit card required.

Fair pricing for all stations

Monitoring that won't break the budget

Comprehensive uptime coverage of your broadcasts
Billed monthly
  • Unlimited streams to monitor
  • Slack, Discord, and Email alerts
  • Checks every minute
  • Silence detection